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Stew Friedman Hosts Weekly Radio Show

In January 2014, Wharton and SiriusXM partnered to launch Wharton Business Radio (SiriusXM 132), which reaches over 650K SiriusXM subscribers in the U.S. and Canada.  Since then, Stew Friedman has hosted over 200 guests on his weekly show, Work and Life.  The purpose of this show is to provide inspiration and insights for action that empower people to create a greater sense of harmony among the different parts of their lives.

Stew and his guests explore everything related to work and the rest of life; your home and family, your community and society, and your private self (mind, body, and spirit).  He talks to the world’s leading experts – including business leaders, researchers, psychologists, sociologists, policy advocates – and everyday people in all kinds of jobs and families.

Stew takes calls from listeners in the second half-hour of the show, after conversation with his guest in the first half, during which he quickly gets to the heart of it.  Listen and learn – and have some fun – by tuning in to Work and Life on SiriusXM’s Wharton Business Radio (Channel 132) for an hour of fascinating and practical ideas you can use.

Thought-provoking and helpful...truly a valuable resource for so many. 

– Amy Wrzesnieski, Professor, Yale School of Management

Free Podcast of Work and Life with Stew Friedman

Since January 2017, Work and Life has been available as a free podcast as well.

podcast-header_1410-x-1410Visit Work and Life for edited versions of selected shows supplemented by additional information and resources about each fantastic guest.

Subscribe using your favorite platform to the podcast so you can hear wisdom and advice from world-renowned researchers (e.g., Jeff Pfeffer and Cal Newport), pioneers in the field of work/life (e.g., Joan Williams and Brad Harrington), thought leaders (e.g., Anne-Marie Slaughter and Arianna Huffington),  CEOS  (Brett Hurt and Julie Smolyansky), and many more!

Editor’s picks for some of our favorite episodes:


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