Picture Your Four Circles

Four Circles is a simple but powerful exercise that has been used successfully by thousands of people to find greater harmony among the different parts of their lives.

Assess Your Skills

18 questions that could change your life. Learn how you rate on the skills that bring the key principles of Total Leadership to life.

Take The Four-Way View

The “Four-Way View” gives you an understanding of how you are focusing your attention on your four domains of life.

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Be a Better Leader,
Have a Richer Life

In this widely read and often republished article, Stew Friedman gives a summary of the key ideas in his best-selling Total Leadership, with illustrations of what it takes to pursue sustainable change with practical experiments aimed at achieving four-way wins.

Work + Home +
Community + Self

Stew Friedman wrote his best-selling Leading the Life You Want to counter the common myth that successful leaders must sacrifice everything else in their lives to achieve realize their career ambitions.  This article powerfully summarizes that argument.

7 Policy Changes America Needs So People Can Have Kids

An historic 20-year Wharton study revealed that attitudes about work and family are radically different for those embarking on adulthood’s journey now compared to those in the early ‘90s.  This manifesto describes how we must respond to the revolution in gender roles.


World Business Forum
Lincoln Center, New York

Brief Introduction
to Total Leadership

CBS This Morning
On Paternity Leave


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