Total Leadership takes a holistic view of the developing leader, no matter what age or level. The goal is to improve performance in all four domains of life — work, home, community, and self – by finding mutual value among them.  It’s a structured method that produces measurable results.

By proceeding through a guided series of exercises and experiences, people make changes that enable them to transform the way they invest their attention, skills, and resources.  Their daily actions become more closely aligned with their values. They work smarter, with greater focus and commitment. They achieve the results that matter most, in all areas of their lives.  And they become more confident and more competent as leaders.

Based on large-scale research and case studies of applications in a variety of real-world settings, our program has been shown to be effective in driving positive results for thousands of people.

Bolstering Well-Being in All Parts of Life

A recent study of 665 participants in the long-form version of our Total Leadership program (over a four month span) showed average increases in satisfaction in the four domains of life between 14% and 45%.

Using standard health risk assessment measures, this sample of 665 participants showed improvements in well-being, in terms of their physical health, mental health, and stress between 19% and 37%.

Working Smarter

The Total Leadership program not only enhances well-being but it improves performance as well, including at work -- and with less time devoted to work.

In our study average gains in meeting the performance expectations of key stakeholders at work, at home, in their communities were between 9% and 25 %.  These improvements coincided with a reallocation in attention spent in a typical week – from work to the other parts of life.

Changes people made from practicing the principles of being real, being whole, and being innovative resulted in their working smarter and enjoying the benefits of more intelligent choices about the investment of their attention.

Increasing Confidence as a Leader

Thousands of participants over the past 15+ years have assessed themselves at the start of the Total Leadership program and then again four months later.  This chart summarizes findings on how these perceptions changed for over 500 people. Numbers in green show the percentage gain on each of the nine attributes. On the "Fake" to "Genuine" dimension, for example, there was an 8% improvement.

As you go through the experience, you become more focused on the things that matter and so you feel more grounded, more like the person you want to be. You generate more support and feel more connected to the important people in your life. You become more resilient in response to the vagaries of our turbulent world. And you become more open to discovery and so feel more hopeful, indeed enthusiastic, about the future and your power to shape it.

Enhancing Leadership Skills

Participants also rated themselves on our proprietary Total Leadership Skills Assessment (freely available at this site) – described and illustrated in Leading the Life You Want – both before they went through the exercises, dialogues, and experiments, and again afterwards. The numbers in green next to each skill (description abbreviated here) shows average improvements on each of the 18 skills.

Driving Business Results -- Case Studies

Total Leadership has been used to improve business results and enhance well-being for people in organizations worldwide.  Here are brief reports from among thousands of people who have taken up the Total Leadership challenge in hundreds of companies: