Stew Friedman, recognized for decades as an award-winning Wharton professor and as the world’s leading thinker in the field of talent management by Thinkers50, and our Client Services Team, both in the U.S. and in Europe, have delivered workshops nationally and internationally for non-profits, government agencies, mid-sized businesses, and multi-national companies with participants ranging from the C-suite to the front line. Our team will inspire and instruct your group on how to achieve greater performance, enhance well-being, grow as leaders, and  help others do the same.

Our workshops are tailored to your group’s or organization’s needs, with practical ideas for action brought to life in an engaging format and with follow-on activity, including peer-to-peer coaching, designed to ensure real ROI. Our team has proven, well-established models for workshops that produce sustainable results and can be delivered in a variety of formats, including virtually or in a combination of in-person and virtual sessions. Our dynamic highly-rated workshops are described below. Contact us to learn more.

Total Leadership

This world-renowned program produces demonstrable results.  It is based on Stew’s bestselling book and award-winning course, Total LeadershipParticipants learn to:

  • Reframe the meaning of leadership by applying new skills and insights at work, at home, in the community, and within the private self.
  • Transform the way they allocate their attention, skills and resources
  • Practice strategies for engaging others in producing sustainable change
  • Articulate and get feedback on their leadership visions
  • Take a systems view of the performance expectations of key stakeholders in all life domains
  • Prepare for and undertake dialogues with key stakeholders to clarify and revise expectations
  • Design and implement experiments for “four-way wins,” and document results
  • Build a coaching network to support their progress in pursuing meaningful change
  • Reflect on the results of their experiments to produce new knowledge about leading change

In the Long Form version, participants do all the above, with the option of composing exercises and exchanging feedback on them.  The various Short Form versions, customized to meet your needs, abbreviate the required effort while still providing a powerful, practical growth experience.

Carlos Casanueva leads Total Leadership workshop at INDRA in Madrid, Spain.

Parents Who Lead

Parents in today’s disorienting world can too readily lose track of who they are and what really matters most, but it doesn’t have to be this way. It is possible for working parents to learn how to harness the science of leadership to thrive in all aspects of their lives. Drawing on their extensive experience as researchers, educators, coaches, advocates, and parents, renowned professors Stew Friedman and Alyssa Westring – a Boomer Grandpa and a Millennial Mom – bring a robust, proven method that can help any working parent gain a greater sense of purpose and control. Their keynotes and workshops are powerful means for organizations to demonstrate a genuine and practical commitment to being an employer-of-choice for working parents. They deliver the key ideas and tools from the book Parents Who Lead, which has been resoundingly praised by business leaders, scholars, and policy advocates – including Dan Pink, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and Adam Grant.

Leading the Life You Want

Building on his national bestseller Total Leadership and on three decades of research, teaching, and practice as both consultant and senior executive, in this Wall Street Journal bestseller Stew Friedman focuses in depth on the 18 critical skills for creating harmony between work and the rest of life.  He brings them to life in this workshop through the riveting stories of six remarkable people and teaches exercises they can use to develop these skills in their own lives.

New Choices for Men and Women in Work and Family

A groundbreaking cross-generational study, done by the historic Wharton Work/Life Integration Project (founded in 1991), comparing a large sample of Gen Xers surveyed in the early ‘90s with Millennials surveyed two decades later, reveals both greater freedom and new constraints for men and women in their work and family lives. This workshop offers an astute assessment of how far we have come and presents actionable ideas for what we can and must do as a society, in our organizations, and for ourselves to make it easier for men and women to choose the lives they want.

Building Trust and Enhancing Your Reputation

Your reputation is based on whether or not people perceive you as trustworthy, and it is nearly impossible to things done in work and in other parts of life unless people trust you.  By engaging in a highly interactive and incredibly fun exercise in this session, you gain practical insights on the building of social capital.

Taking Smart Political Action to Get Things Done in Any Organization

No one wants to be seen as “political” but everyone wants to get things done through other people in organizations.  This very practical workshop teaches how to manage the dynamics of political influence by solving an organizational puzzle in an interactive case study, which provides a springboard for lasting insights on the attributes of both the mind set and the skill set of the politically smart leader – the kind of person who knows how to achieve valued goals while making winners out of those around them.

The Architecture of Successful Learning Communities

This session offers a unique opportunity for those engaged in the challenges of building learning communities that last and that bring demonstrable value to their organizations to learn from one of the modern masters of the craft of action learning.  The focus is on consciously and deliberately designing learner-driven experiences that produce results to which learners are deeply committed and are of real consequence for their lives and for their organizations.

Michelle Rajotte speaks to Total Leadership participants in San Francisco, CA.