Total Leadership has developed a rigorous process for certifying individuals who work for companies, non-profits, or government agencies and have an interest in training others in their organizations in the Total Leadership methodology. We are not currently certifying independent coaches and consultants.

Following the successful completion of the basic program, participants are eligible to pursue their candidacy to be certified as TL Program Leaders within their organization. As a candidate, your first step in this process is to recruit three to six participants to take the course from you.

Erin Owen teaches Total Leadership principles .

Our train-the-trainer materials give you step-by-step guidance on all aspects of program delivery. As you deliver the program to your participants, you receive six to eight hours of group supervision (with other candidates within your organization) by an executive member of the Total Leadership Client Services team. You have access to the community of certified Total Leadership Program Leaders and permission to use our licensed materials. Once you have led participants through the program, and evaluations from your participants are reviewed by your supervisor, if there is mutual consent to approve, then you are certified. You may then represent yourself as a certified TL Program Leader within your organization. It takes about five months to go from orientation through program delivery and evaluation.

Being a Total Leadership Program Leader has been a gift that I’ve been able to enjoy over and over again since 2011. Witnessing people go through the simple, not easy, process of becoming  leaders of their own lives is amazing and one I will never get tired of experiencing! Alums of the program will set up a meeting years later and say, “We need to design some experiments!” This process doesn’t end. Now that we have well over 100 alumni there is a common language about stakeholders, expectations, dialogues, experiments, and four-way wins and it has increased the communication flow within the organization. Participants have told me, “You’re changing lives!” But it’s the Total Leadership program that allows me to do that. 

– Andrea St. George, U.S. Army

We support the recruitment of potential participants with marketing content. We show you how to launch your group by walking through the materials and guiding you on establishing the P2P coaching network. You are responsible for program delivery and for providing your supervisor with drafts of your written feedback on your participants’ deliverables prior to posting this feedback to them. In each supervisory session we debrief candidates’ experiences, address participants’ progress and challenges, explore best-in-class coaching and content delivery methods, and prepare for what’s next.

Our professional staff members are available throughout to answer questions, provide support, and deepen each candidate’s learning experience. Following the program, candidates obtain written evaluations from their participants, and these are forwarded to us as part of the evaluation process. Whether or not certification ensues, candidates receive written and verbal reviews from our Client Services team of both their strengths and areas for performance improvement.

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