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This section has over 100 articles on Total Leadership, new choices for men and women, producing sustainable change, social and private sector policy, and more about creating harmony among the different parts of life.  And there are cases we have done on creating cultural change in organizations.

We hope you find them helpful and welcome your ideas and questions about how you can use these resources to meet your goals.


Cases On Cultural Change


Harvard Business Review – Magazine

Friedman’s three high-impact HBR magazine articles have been re-published in various collections of “must-reads” from the magazine.  The two most recent articles capture the essence of his two HBR Press books, respectively.  The 1998 piece (with Perry Christensen and Jessica DeGroot) was one of the first in HBR on the subject of work and life and it describes the key ideas underlying the Total Leadership approach.

2014. Work + Home + Community + Self
2008. Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life -- included in both HBR Ten Must Reads for Managing Yourself and the Essential Guide to Leadership.
1998. Work and Life: The End of The Zero-Sum Game

Harvard Business Review – Digital

Since 2008, Friedman has published 50+ articles on at on leadership, the relationship between work and the rest of life, policy and advocacy for social change, careers, and more.

2020. How Working Parents Can Regain Control Over Their Lives with Alyssa Westring
2018. How Our Careers Affect Our Children.
2018. How Peer Coaching Can Make Work Less Lonely.
2016. Great Performers Make Their Personal Lives a Priority
2016. What to Do If Your Parents Are Causing Career Angst?
2016. 3 Productivity Tips You Can Start Using Today
2016. Most Resolutions Fail Because They're Not Important Enough
2015. Why Paid Leave Matters for the Future of Business
2015. How to Manage Your Team's Vacation
2015. When You Realize You'll Never Get Your Dream Job
2015. How to Get Your Team to Coach Each Other
2015. Keep Your Home Life Same When Work Gets Crazy
2015. Get More Done by Focusing Less on Work
2014. What Successful Work and Life Looks Like
2014. Does Corporate America Finally Get What Working Parents Need?
2014. Working Dads Need "Me Time" Too with Alyssa Westring
2014. Reduce Stress by Pursuing Four-Way Wins
2013. 7 Policy Changes America Needs So People Can Work and Have Kids
2013. Successfully Integrate Your Work, Home, Community, and Self
2013. Men: Win at Work by Leaning In at Home
2013. We Are All Part of the Work/Life Revolution
2013. Real Leaders Have Real Lives
2013. Remembering Richard Hackman
2012. New Research on Working Parenthood: Men Are More Egalitarian, Women are More Realistic
2012. “Having It All” Is Not a Women’s Issue
2010. How Are You Developing Future Leaders?
2010. The First Couple and a New Era of Workplace Flexibility
2010. Tweet or Meet? How to Choose Your Medium Wisely
2010. Honing Your Skills as a Peer Coach
2010. How to Cultivate a Peer Coaching Network
2009. The Hidden Business Cost of Mental Illness
2009. Three Reasons Why Bruce is the Best Boss
2009. Why The Hurt Locker Hurts
2009. How a 2-Minute Story Helps You Lead
2009. Become a More Creative Leader — Think Small
2009. The Power of Preventive Assessment
2009. The Most Compelling Leadership Vision
2009. The Soloist: Creating a Sound Distinctly Yours
2009. Will the Next MBA Grads Take More Risks?
2009. Grownups Need Recess, Too
2009. You Are a Leader (Really!)
2008. 3 Steps Toward Being a Better Leader in 2009
2008. What Teach For America Can Teach You
2008. Leadership Lessons From an Astronaut
2008. Do Not Waste This Crisis
2008. Leading Change? These 5 Obama-Approved Tactics Get Buy-In
2008. Obama's Authentic Leadership -- And Yours
2008. Mental or Physical Illness--Which is the Bigger Workforce Problem?
2008. Resilience: What Neil Young Can Teach Microsoft, And Us
2008. Public Service, Anyone? After a Crisis, Rediscover Do-Gooding
2008. Why It's Not Selfish To Take Care of Yourself
2008. Focus on What Matters the Most to You
2008. Tough Economy? Smart Managers Dial the Stress Level Down, Not Up  -- included in the HBR Collection: Unconventional Wisdom in a Downturn
2008. Remembering a Master of Leadership
2008. Define Your Personal Leadership Vision
2008. How Do Your Work and Community Affect Each Other?
2008. Do You Hide Your Inner Bruce Wayne?
2008. Master the Art of Interruptibility
2008. What Google Taught Me About Personal Communication
2008. Sports: The Language of Connection
2008. Overcome Your Fear of Trying Something New
2008. Leadership on The Wire
2008. A More Holistic Approach to Problem Solving
2008. The First Step to a Richer Life
2008. Don't Leave Your Personal Life at Home


Since 1999, Friedman’s contributions to practice, teaching, and research at the Wharton Work/Life Integration Project have been featured in 30+ articles published in Knowledge@Wharton on leadership, work and life, social policy, culture change, and careers.

2016. The Case for Phased Retirement
2016. Better Pay of More Flexibility: It Doesn't Have to Be a Trade-off
2016. The Retirement Problem: What Will You Do With All That Time?
2015. Is Now the Best Time to Have a Baby in Corporate America?
2015. Mental Health in the Workplace: How We Can Move Beyond Stigma
2015. Separation of Church and Cubicle: Religion in the Workplace
2015. Wake-Up Call: Why Everyone Needs More Sleep
2014. Stressed Out By Work? You're Not Alone
2014. The Critical Steps to Integrating Work and Life
2013. Encore Careers: Why an Aging Population Is a Resource, Not a Problem
2013. To Close the Gender Gap, What Needs to Change -- Women or the System?
2013. When Working at Home Is Productive, and When It's Not
2013. Anne-Marie Slaughter: Forget ‘Having it All’ – Own What You Want
2013. From the Altar to IPO: HIghs and Lows of Married Business Partners
2013. The Changing Nature of "Having It All"
2012. High-powered Women and Supportive Spouses: Who’s in Charge, and of What?
2012  The Eye-opening Impact of Sleep Deficits
2012. Taking a Long Lunch? When Doing Personal Chores on the Job is OK
2012. Flipping The Switch: Who is Responsible for Getting Employees to Take a Break?
2011. From Freelancers to Telecommuters: Succeeding in the New World of Solitary Work
2011. Daughters Rule
2011. Gross Domestic Happiness: What is the Relationship between Money and Well-being?
2011. Doing Good, with the Power of Half
2010. Adjusting to the “New Normal”: The Consequences of Long-term High Unemployment
2010. When do Exaggerations and Misstatements Cross the Line?
2010. One Ambivalent Economy + Many Cautious Employers = One Difficult Job Market
2009. Caught in the Middle: Rising Unemployment Takes its Toll on Older Managers
2009. Six Months into the Job:  How Successful is the President’s Leadership Style?
2009. Integrate your Personal and Professional Life in Three Steps
2007. Toppling a Taboo:  Businesses go “Faith-friendly”
2006. Plateauing: Redefining Success at Work
2002. Cultivating Total Leadership with Authenticity, Integrity, and Creativity
2002. Vacationing in a Wireless World:  Relaxation vs. 4000 Emails
2002. What Happens to the Inner Circle of the Ousted CEO?
2000. Who’s Watching the Kids?  The State of Child Care in America
1999. Life-friendly Managers with a Win-Win Philosophy


2016. Cultivating Creativity at the Head of the New Year
2015. Why We Work and How We Profit
2015. Entertainment v Enlightenment: Leadership Industry B.S.
2015. Empowering Women by Engaging Men
2015. Paid Leave: Center Stage at Democratic Debate
2015. How to Get Your Boss to Buy Into the Flex You Need
2015. Why is Parental Leave Good for Business
2015. What Can Meditation Do For Business
2015. How to Raise the Next Generation of Employees
2015. How to Coach and Provide Feedback Like a Pro
2015. Reduce Stress by Pursuing Four-Way Wins
2015. Best Father's Day Gift? Hint: Not a Necktie
2015. Good Guys Win. Really.
2015. How to Raise Good Men
2015. The Truth About Milennials, Children and Careers
2015. The New Mom and Pop Shop
2015. Re-Imagining Space: How to Bring Hospitality to Work
2015. Entrepreneurial Women Unlock Secrets to Success in Uberized Economy
2015. Mindfulness Meditation and Banking -- An Oxymoron?
2015. Do You Have a Severe Case of Modern Life? Tips to Focus and Succeed
2015. How To Find a New Path When Your Career Stalls
2015. Do You Have That All-Important Stakeholder Mindset?
2015. Bulletproof Yourself for Work and Life
2015. Why It's Not Selfish to Take Care of Yourself
2015. How to Grow a Healthy Company
2015. So What If You're a Happy Workaholic?
2015. Poverty of Imagination in Work/Life
2015. Paid Sick Leave is Contagious
2015. The Year of the Dad
2015. More Money, More Problems?
2015. Who's Getting the Most from Flex-Time -- You or Your Boss?
2015. Who Earns and Who Cares? Notes from the Frontiers of Breadwinning and Caregiving
2014. Two Proven Methods for Keeping New Year's Resolutions
2014. Change Your Life
2014. Slow Down to Speed Up in 5 Easy Steps
2014. 7 Work/Life Policy Changes We Need Now
2014. Refuel, Recharge, Re-energize
2014. Taking a Breather
2014. How to Make Significant Work/Life Change
2014. Leading the Life You Want
2014. Forget Balance! 5 Things You Can Do to Lead the Life You Want
2014. Men and Women Now Agree (Surprise!) on Working Parenthood


Cases On Cultural Change