Dwight Jaggard, Client Services

Dwight Jaggard has been an esteemed member of our client services team since 2005, when he began delivering the Total Leadership program to rave reviews in the Engineering School.  Here’s what students have said about his Total Leadership course: “This course changed my life.” “This is the best course in the program.” “This gave me a chance to reflect and think about important issues.”

Dwight holds a PhD from the California Institute of Technology and he’s been a Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering at The University of Pennsylvania since 1988.   He’s authored numerous books and countless articles and been the recipient of both teaching awards and IEEE awards. He is the founding director of the prestigious EMTM (Executive Master’s in Technology Management) Program, a partnership between Wharton and the Engineering School widely considered the premier program of its type in the US. Since 2013, Dwight has been Chair of the Faculty Senate. He was also the co-founder of a high-technology start-up.

Dr. Dwight Jaggard consults, coaches, and lectures across the globe on the topics of leadership, team dynamics, decision-making, influence, persuasion, power, and effective communications. He has worked with high-potentials, emerging leaders, students, and professionals who want to be more effective in what they do.  Total Leadership is fortunate to benefit from the contributions of Dwight Jaggard, that rare individual who can speak fluently and knowledgably, and with good humor and great humanity, to all kinds of audiences, particularly those with lots of scientists, about leadership and interpersonal dynamics, delivering our program with passion and great results at Penn and beyond.

Dwight lives outside of Philadelphia with his wife and they now marvel at their two grown children from a distance.