Business and Personal Results

Total Leadership came to fruition when Stew Friedman was recruited to head up a leadership development program at a Fortune 50 company in the late 1990’s. Starting with thirty-five high-potential managers from across the globe, they followed all the steps in the Total Leadership program and, in the span of about four months, implemented changes that touched work and the other parts of their lives. Their experiments produced a combined $5.8 million in cost savings, $0.7 million in new revenue, and $0.5 million in productivity gains.

Hurt QuoteIn addition to the quantifiable dollar results, these business professionals improved their relationships with customers and colleagues, and felt more satisfied with their jobs. They felt more deeply connected to their families and their communities, especially since they had drawn them into the process of change. They reported feeling healthier and less stressed. They were making better use of leisure time. And they were feeling better about the company, and more excited about tying their futures to its future.

They accomplished these results not by instituting lean manufacturing or quality-control programs like Six Sigma. They did it by reframing the idea of business leadership, by applying new skills and insights at work, at home, in the community, and within the self.

By now many more people have tested the Total Leadership method in classes at the Wharton School and in workshops around the world. They find that, by proceeding through a guided series of exercises and experiences, they can make changes that allow them to focus their time and energy better. Their core values surface, allowing them to transform the way they allocate their attention, skills, and resources. As a result, their daily actions become more closely aligned with their values. They work smarter, with greater focus and commitment. They achieve the results that matter to them most, in all areas of their lives.

Most leadership programs focus on the development of leaders in their current or future jobs. Total Leadership takes a holistic view. The goal is to improve performance in all four domains of life — work, home, community and self by finding mutual value among them. Each day we learn more about how this counter-intuitive approach drives measurable results. Here are some of the things people are saying about the impact of Total Leadership.

Booz Allen Hamilton participants said:

  • After the Total Leadership program, I developed new add-on business with existing clients from $12 million to $20 million
  • As a result of my work in the Total Leadership program, I doubled the number of client contacts/month which led to four new business developments totaling at least a $1 million value with expected follow-on work
  • This course got me to think of things differently and actually make changes in my life. Possibly one of the best courses offered at Booz Allen
  • I recommend this course to people who say they just don’t have enough time. This course teaches you how to use the same time for multiple things

Lucca Saggese of Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC):

  • Increased his efficiency at work by 35%
  • Increased his bottom line by 30%
  • Was better able to focus on the most important aspects of his work; by committing time to his fitness goals, he learned to delegate small tasks to employees who benefited from the opportunity to expand their skills while allowing him to do more high-value work

Subu Jayaram of Dell:

  • Obtained a 51% market share with China Mobile (China’s largest telecom provider)
  • Secured over $100M in a new business opportunity
  • Launched a new Dell product before the holiday period, leading to the sale of over 10K units in a weekend QVC show
  • Was more productive, energized and focused at work as a result of his new fitness program

John Moots of MarketBridge:

  • Was able to secure a $1.6M extension on his project
  • Received a promotion
  • Retained a key member of his team who was thinking of leaving

Improved Satisfaction and Performance

We have studied hundreds of participants to compare how they assess their satisfaction before and after they’ve taken themselves through Total Leadership.

Lin Baden QuoteTheir levels of satisfaction increase by an average of 20 percent in their work lives, 28 percent in their home lives, and 31 percent in their community lives. Perhaps most significantly, their satisfaction with their own interior lives — physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual — increases by 39 percent. Similarly, they report that they believe their own performance at work, at home, in their communities, and within themselves has improved, respectively, by 9, 15, 12, and 25 percent.

Both satisfaction and performance get better.

Total Leadership is not an abstract idea; it is a structured method that produces measurable change. You become more focused on the things that matter and so you feel more grounded, more like the person you want to be. You generate more support and feel more connected to the important people in your life. You become more resilient in response to the vagaries of our turbulent world. And you become more open to discovery and so feel more hopeful, indeed enthusiastic, about the future and your power to shape it.

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