The purpose of Total Leadership is to improve performance in all four domains of life: work, home, community, and self by creating mutual value among them.

Reich QuoteLeadership in business can’t be just about business anymore. It has to be about life as a whole. Our goal is to help leaders everywhere — for leadership must be embodied at all levels, not only by executives — create sustainable change.

This is a better approach to integrating work and the rest of life than the pursuit of “balance,” which presumes the necessity of tradeoffs. With what we call “four-way wins,” all parties benefit. And when you look at it this way, you see that your actions as a leader serve a larger purpose, making the world better. You feel part of something that’s bigger than your own life and so find greater meaning in what you do.

Total Leadership was created by Stew Friedman, founding director of the Wharton School’s Leadership Programs and its Work/Life Integration Project, and former head of Ford Motor’s Leadership Development Center. It is a proven method for learning how to achieve four-way wins following these principles:

  • BE REAL, act with authenticity by clarifying what’s important
  • BE WHOLE, act with integrity by respecting the whole person
  • BE INNOVATIVE, act with creativity by continually experimenting

Ferriss QuoteOur purpose is to help people enact these principles to become better leaders and have richer lives; to produce stronger business results, find clearer purpose, feel less stressed and more connected to people who matter most, contribute further to important causes, and get greater support for generating change.

We deliver engaging, results-driven leadership development and personal growth through coaching, consulting, and events. Essential to our success are the real collaboration and meaningful connections that thrive in the coaching communities (online and in person) we organize and cultivate.

Total Leadership is unique because, unlike most approaches to leadership development, which focus on professional skills, it is about performance in all parts of life. And, unlike most work/life and self-help programs, which focus more on family and personal needs than on business results, Total Leadership is about winning in all domains, including work, by creating mutual value among them.

Four-way wins are there for the taking. You have to know how to look for them and then generate the support needed to achieve them. Let us show you.

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