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Two New York Times stories about Baby Bust

Wharton Work/Life Integration Project research is contributing to the national conversation on Millennials’ plans for children and their quest for meaning at work.

Baby Bust research featured on Markets Now

Banks ease work conditions for younger employees. (video)

Baby Bust research featured in Harvard Business year end review

Ideas that Shaped Management in 2013 (read the article)

Total Leadership Around the World

The book is now available in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian.

White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility

Stew Friedman recently participated in a historic gathering at the White House, convened by the President and First Lady, to focus on workplace flexibility.(Watch videos of the Forum and ABC News interview.)

Lifelong Learning Master Class

Stew Friedman led a Master Class in San Francisco as part of Wharton’s Lifelong Learning Tour. (View)

New York Times Profiles Stew Friedman

“Students talk about Stewart D. Friedman, a management professor at the Wharton School, with a mixture of earnest admiration, gratitude and rock star adoration.” (Read the article.)


Now more than ever, your success as a leader isn’t just about being a great businessperson. You’ve got to be a great person, performing well in all domains of your life. (Watch the video.)

Additional Press Coverage

More press coverage can be found here.

Alumni Reflections (View more at TLTV)

The Practice of Total Leadership

TL Program Map

What it is

Total Leadership is a proven method for producing sustainable change in all parts of life that can be learned and practiced by individuals, groups, or organizations. It is informed by decades of research and practical application by Stew Friedman, a veteran Wharton School faculty member. Contact us.

Who it's for

Total Leadership can work for people at any organizational level, in any career stage. If you are succeeding in one aspect of life while under-performing in others, or failing to capture value from one part of life and bring it to bear in others, or living with too much conflict among different roles in life, then TL is for you. Contact us.

What you do

You examine what and who matter most to you, then you design and implement experiments to produce "four-way wins": results that are meaningful not only for your work, or family, or community, or self (mind, body, and spirit), but for all these seemingly disparate domains. Contact us.

What you gain

Total Leadership will help you perform better according to the standards of the most important people in your life, feel better in all domains, and have greater harmony among the domains because you will have more resources at your disposal to fit the parts of your life together. You'll achieve more four-way wins because you'll be a more inspired, effective leader. Contact us.