On the Web

All Total Leadership Programs make use of our Web platform, which offers a secure, privacy-protected, online community for social learning that increases the sustainability and impact of real change.

Composition and posting of the program’s exercises are done by participants at an exclusive, private and secure group on the TL site. Participants provide coaching feedback to each other throughout the program, and they have complete control over who has access to their content.

Our online community enables ongoing support for and interaction among Total Leadership program alumni, both virtually and in person, who share best practices, provide continual coaching for each other, and help to teach the next generations of program participants. In addition, we offer self-paced courses, live Webinars (that cover essentially the same content as the keynote speeches), and e-learning with video on demand.In our video-based program, Stew Friedman guides participants through the exercises of the program and in their use of a peer coaching network to support their progress in a series of ten 15-minute episodes. This program includes a variety of engaging, interactive exercises and peer-to-peer (P2P) coaching, all supported by our proprietary Web-based platform. The content and goals are in essence the same as our long form workshop.

Further, using the standard series as the framework, we have the ability to customize e-learning solutions to meet the needs your organization. Such customization could include:

  • Logo and branding
  • Revising video content to better align with your organization’s culture and terminology
  • Interviews with your CEO or other senior executives to reinforce your organization’s important themes
  • Discussions and interactions that are specific to your organization’s challenges

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