Client Praise

Here’s what some of our clients have said about the impact of Total Leadership programs and Stew Friedman’s presentations in their organizations.

Susan Peters, Chief Learning Officer, GE

You were a superb addition to our ongoing learning! We really appreciate your time and insights.

Makato Miyasako, OECD

I have received so many compliments [despite] lots of sceptics here. Stew is our champion of work-life integration. For two years in a row, he has enlightened our staff with his innovative take on how to enrich both work and life. Within our setting as an international organisation, Stew used a clear framework that clearly demonstrated to an audience of expats how we can all better integrate the different elements of our lives, and in doing so how we are able to have an impact on others. Stew’s passion for the topic and relatable way of presenting ensured that his seminars were not only accessible but also engaging, and his interactive approach and real life examples set him apart as a speaker. A number of staff have told  us how Stew’s work has changed the way they approach their jobs and lives, and that they are sharing the message with others be real, whole and innovative. It is always a great pleasure to work with Stew.

Anitha Aswath, CISCO

It was an honor and privilege to meet one of my favorite leaders in academia. Your model resonates with me deeply.  Thank you for bringing your energy, authenticity, and ‘whole’ness.

Andrea St. George, US Army

As a government organization we are going through some very challenging times.  Now, more than ever, our people need to see clearly where they are going as individual leaders and we as an organization are going together.  We need the skills and confidence to ask for help, to reach out to those who need help, and to support each other through coaching as we seek to produce positive change.  The Total Leadership program is helping our organization do all of these things and improve performance in our work and in our lives with the practical application of peer-to-peer coaching, the detailing of our leadership visions, the open communication with our key stakeholders, and the creative pursuit of four-way wins.  I highly recommend this engaging and transformative method — it’s fun and it works!

Alixandra Colehour, Sleep Number

The feedback buzz was very, very positive. You hear people talking about their experiments and we’re also seeing new relationships flourish as a result of the coaching relationships.

Stacey Valy Panayiotou, Coca Cola Enterprises

People told me how grateful they were for your message.  One person said, “in my 20+ year corporate career, I’ve never had anyone tell me that I need to think about my life outside of work.”
I wish we could have had longer…..but I think we gave the CCE Leadership Team an important gift that symbolized our commitment to them as people.  The leadership vision exercise is making its way back and will be a topic of many leadership/staff meetings next week when people return to the office…Your work inspires.

Sara Manzano-Diaz, Director of the Women’s Bureau of the US Department of Labor

Your dynamic and in-depth presentation greatly strengthened our message and helped to make our efforts a success.  Your discussion of attaining real, sustainable change through the lens of leadership … resonated strongly.

Kat Myers, Warby Parker

Your talk at Warby Parker was awesome! Your talk was my favorite of any I’ve attended at Warby Parker. We’re going to do a book club on Leading the Life You Want.

Hyacinth Vassell, Director of Inner City Capital Connections

Your session was exceptional! Truly thought provoking, engaging and dynamic. You left our participants thirsty for more.

Liz Cobbs, Merck

Thank you very much for your terrific lecture and the performance tools. I am sure I will be using your insights in the coming months to further my own development and that of my team in Japan.

Meilissa Presbery, Philadelphia Insurance Companies

I found our session to be of great value.  You propose an intriguing concept of harmonizing all domains of life and becoming better leaders as a result of it.  A concept that most people (including myself) would say is impossible.  I find your Total Leadership framework to be brilliant in that it yields promising results and can be easily implemented by any individual, regardless of career/level/age.  What your book has done for me is given me hope, and a dynamic tool towards living a more rewarding life.  I am excited to take this leadership journey and am grateful to you for developing and sharing this “gem” with the world!

Phase Forward

Dr. Friedman has set the bar very high.  I pity the people who’ll have to follow his most excellent session with us in the rest of our speaker series.

Jen Bailey, J & J’s Ethicon

I enjoyed your presentation on Total Leadership and read the book on the plane yesterday. Of all of the courses and training I have had in my 13 years at Ethicon your presentation and philosophy hit home in every way!

Stacy Hodgins, National Business Group on Health

Dr. Stewart Friedman delivered the Keynote Address at the National Business Group on Health’s 23rd National Conference on Health, Productivity, and Human Capital.  He inspired attendees to assess and address both their individual challenges and those of their employees in creative and novel ways.  It was an excellent start to an event dedicated to promoting productivity, health and well-being not as trade-offs, but as simultaneously achievable outcomes.

Sherri Bassner,  Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

I personally found that the Total Leadership philosophy and process resonated strongly with me and I will continue to dig into the material to gain a better grounding. I firmly believe that if we can seed this thinking in our leadership development community and infiltrate Total Leadership into the company, we will have a sustainable source of competitive advantage. And I intend to advocate strongly for that!

Heather McKissick, President/CEO, Leadership Austin

What a fun and energizing event, Stew! You created a tremendous amount of community goodwill and great buzz. The very next day I ran into three people who were there and each one of them had an uplifting story to tell about their experience. Many thanks.

Jamie Pasczek, DaimlerChrysler Financial Services

As a professional working on the enhancement of leadership skills within our company’s leadership body, I find myself often reflecting on the ideas that were brought to me through the Total Leadership process. After having experienced the Total Leadership process personally, I can honestly say that I have been given a wonderful gift…one of understanding, clarity and empowerment to achieve my aspirations and future dreams. I imagine you hear this often, Stew, but I will enlighten your ears once again: Total Leadership has changed my life. It’s powerful and valuable on many levels and was brought to us with professionalism and passion.

Colin Gardner, Merck Research Laboratories

Employees and managers alike gained a new perspective. Managers indicated that your Total Leadership seminar was an eye-opening experience, helping them to realize the impact of support in life matters beyond work. It was evident that in order to be a progressive leader, managers need to continuously experiment with the way work is done and take individual actions.

Jodi Berman, The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles

Stew, thank you for an excellent presentation on Total Leadership. We received outstanding feedback about the usefulness, practicality and applicability of Total Leadership. I genuinely appreciate the time and focus that you gave our session, and I’m looking forward to bringing you back again. Your concepts will help make our leaders and volunteers more effective in their roles with our organizations, as well as their private lives and careers.

Lee Fleisher, M. D., Univ. of Pennsylvania Health System

I would like to thank you for the outstanding ground rounds presentation. It was extremely provocative and initiated a process of reflection among the faculty and residents. It has sparked further discussion. I am grateful for this outstanding lecture.

Thorolfur Arnason, Mayor of Reykjavik, Iceland

On behalf of the City of Reykjavik, I sincerely thank you for your valuable contribution to our conference. People particularly appreciated your innovative approach to the issue, which they found both useful and inspiring.

Kirsten Hyland, Cendant Mortgage

Your presentation on Total Leadership was completely on target. Encouraging women to push themselves to find creativity in their lives while being true to their values was truly insightful.

Laura Mendelow, Booz Allen Hamilton

Thank you for your hard work in designing and customizing the Total Leadership program for our executives here at Booz Allen. I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed working with you, learning from you, and seeing the results of this program. I am very satisfied with the results and would love to work with you on similar projects in the future. Thank you for introducing a new way to look at leadership and teamwork.

Judith Mauer and Nona Saling, GlaxoSmithKline

Total Leadership tools worked well and added value. Stew’s approach was particularly helpful in encouraging participants to apply what they learned to their lives. This transfer of learning to behavioral practice post-training is arguably the biggest challenge that trainers typically face. Stew’s continued willingness to be flexible in both the design and delivery aspects of his role has been wonderful. It is clear from his actions that his goal throughout has been to provide the maximum value to our participants.

UPENN faculty in the Penn Pathways program

The Total Leadership focus on “integration” rather than the more traditional focus on “balance” has been really helpful. This framework helps me more carefully consider the ways in which each of the domains impact the others, and I have been able to identify synergies, which is wonderful. When I used to focus more on work-life balance, I always felt stuck between the two — ne was always pulling at the other.

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