What Alumni Say

Here’s what some alumni have said about the book, Total Leadership, and the course it describes and illustrates.

Randy Lee, Innovation Group, Vanguard

This is the highest impact and most practical course taught in Wharton’s Executive MBA (WEMBA).

Brett A. Hurt, Founder and CEO, Bazaarvoice

Stew’s class at Wharton transformed my development as a leader and internet entrepreneur. This book and the exercises in it are equally powerful. I’m buying a copy for everyone in my company.

Rich Smith, Sr. Mgr., Finance, Supply Chain and Transportation,

Stew Friedman’s framework is the most comprehensive and meaningful distillation of how to lead yourself and others that I have encountered. I use the precepts of Total Leadership in my daily life, and I’m better off for it.

Dr. Michelle Kim Leff, National Institute on Drug Abuse

This book is a must-read and a must-do. Total Leadership results in a life of balance, integrity, and power.

Harry B. Weiner, Managing Partner, On-Ramps

By weaving stories of real people into this engaging narrative, Stew Friedman shows you how to succeed in all areas of your life—at once. From personal experience, I know that the program in Total Leadership delivers profound results for both individuals and organizations.

Jane Lin-Baden, CEO, Audacee Digital Inc., China

Stew’s class and book helped me tremendously to rediscover and reaffirm my core work values. For a journey to authenticity, this is the must-read road map for leaders and leaders to be.

Allwin E. Agnel, CEO,

I can’t say enough about how positively life-changing his Wharton course was for me. I urge you to read this book and redefine your life.

Shariar Zaimi, CEO and Chairman, Primary Integration

Total Leadership is nothing short of revolutionary. Stew Friedman has written a comprehensive guide for every executive who strives to become a better leader while leading a more fulfilling life.

Shaun Francis, President and CEO, Medcan Health Management

Total Leadership advocates a new approach to work and life. With Stew, it’s not about balance. It’s about integrating the aspects of your life you deem priorities.

Captain Thomas, U.S. Marine commander, veteran of 200+ combat missions

Total Leadership is an excellent blueprint for optimizing time and energy across multiple domains. Dr. Friedman’s book provides an invaluable methodology for analyzing and realigning priorities to maximize one’s full leadership potential.

Matt Benchener, Principal, Vanguard

The course was transformative. Long-held paradigms that have continued to hinder my growth were altered. I moved: From seeing the world as a series of zero-sum tradeoffs, to seeing the world as teeming with potential positive-sum outcomes; from believing I’d live with a never-ending conflict between work and home, to seeing how powerful they could be in reinforcing one another; from seeing my mentors as one-way relationships, to seeing them as people I can serve in unique ways; from a narrow view of myself as a leader (at work only), to a strong sense of responsibility and confidence in my leadership in all domains of life; and from a view of change in core areas of life as too much to take on, to a view of experiments as attainable and exciting.