On the TL Videos Reflections channel, alumni and clients talk about their experiences with Total Leadership and offer advice to current program participants on how to make best use of it.

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Alumni Q&A

What’s the key for getting the most out of Total Leadership?

Kirk Brown, Andrew Basile & Rich Cisek

What changes did you make when you looked at the alignment of your actions and values?

Rich Cisek and Kirk Brown

How do I use Total Leadership to figure out how to integrate the different parts of my life in the future?

Achim Welter

Which of your experiments had the most impact?

Andrew Basile, Kirk Brown, Rich Cisek, Deika Morrison & Scott Winters

What did you do to reinforce each other’s commitment to action during your experiments?

Andrew Basile

What suprises did you find in your stakeholder dialogues?

Andrew Basile, Rich Cisek & Kirk Brown

Did you have a stakeholder dialogue where the expectations of a stakeholder were not aligned with your vision and how did you manage it?

Scott Winters, Achim Welter & Deika Morrison

What tips do you have for how to do stakeholder dialogues?

Scott Winters, Achim Welter & Deika Morrison

How has your leadership vision changed since going through the Total Leadership program?

Rich Cisek, Andrew Basile & Kirk Brown

What is your final thought for our group at the end of your visit today?

Deika Morrison, Achim Welter & Scott Winters

Alumni Speak

Deika Morrison

Senior Manager, Managing Director at Mdk Advisory and Consulting, Ltd.

Rich Cisek

General Manager,┬áPresident & COO Peco Controls — InspX Corporation

Kirk Brown

New Product Introduction, Project Manager, Biopharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline

Andrew Basile

Owner and President, Basile Properties Inc.

Jennifer Paradis

Director, GAP International

Achim Welter

Business Solution Architect, Fiserv | CareGain

David Tucker

VP, Strategy Director UM Worldwide

Jason Thacker

Market President TD Bank


Sean O’Reilly

Chief Marketing Officer J.G. Wentworth

Mac Steenrod

Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer Artist Education Systems

Ira Greenberg

CEO Keystone Technologies

Dana Nae Garcia

Directer at Vynamic

Christopher Lam

Director of Business Operations Comcast

Total Leadership in Wharton Executive MBA Program

Students speak about the course.

Total Leadership in Wharton MBA Program

Students speak about the course.