On the TL Videos Conversations channel, Stew Friedman hosts a series of engaging dialogues with fascinating people actively pursuing success in all parts of life.

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Anne-Marie Slaughter, Princeton University
Why Women Still Can’t Have It All

Learn more about Anne-Marie Slaughter.

Kevin and Hannah Salwen, co-authors, The Power of Half
The Power of Half

Learn more about Kevin and Hannah Salwen.

6.0 Brett Hurt, Founder and CEO, Bazaarvoice
6. 1 The transparency imperative

Brett Hurt talks about how to capitalize on openness in all aspects of business life and how this results in commitment, accountability, and great performance.

6.2 Commitment to building the right culture

Learning from painful experiences the importance of building the right culture, Hurt describes Bazaarvoice’s innovative practices to ensure that people find meaning while driving results.

6.3 A radical focus on self-discovery

Brett Hurt describes how he applies Total Leadership to express his passion for learning and continual improvement in performance in all parts of life, for himself and for the Bazaarvoice team.

Learn more about Brett and Bazaarvoice.

5.0 Joseph Ansanelli, Co-Founder and Former CEO, Vontu
5.1 Overcoming the fear of failure

Joseph Ansanelli talks about how he overcame the fear of failure and created cultures that value the whole person.  He recounts how a cycling accident made him more successful by forcing focus.

5.2 Making flexibility real

Joseph Ansanelli describes how to engage people at work through flexibility that fits with life; a focus on results, not how they’re achieved; paying attention; and experimenting to make things better.

5.3A Knowing where you’re going

Joseph Ansanelli speaks about why he advises young entrepreneurs, the need to be clear about direction, the importance of love, and the discipline of learning from mistakes and getting needed help.

5.3B. Getting help and getting started

Learn more about Joseph.

4.0 Dave Lissy, CEO, Bright Horizons Family Solutions
4.1 Growing a company of leaders

Dave Lissy talks about how he was selected to lead Bright Horizons when the visionary founders moved on; how he listens to 18K+ employees; how his team cultivates a culture that engenders engagement.

4.2 The desire to give back

Dave Lissy talks about his humble beginnings and how his parents modeled generosity; competing for talent in a low-wage field; and building a company where people are respected for nurturing children.

4.3 Increasing value in all domains of life

Dave Lissy talks about his priorities; how his family integrates work and life; how his company integrates community and work; and the importance of early childhood education.

Learn more about Dave and Bright Horizons Family Solutions.

3.0 Tom Tierney, Founder and CEO, Bridgespan
3.1 Staying grounded in who I really am

Tom Tierney talks about making a difference to society, his definition of success, how he reflects on his progress in his lifelong personal journal, and the value of his good will account.

3.2 “You’re a steamroller!”

Learning from feedback from a young Meg Whitman, asking yourself the tough questions, the power of saying “no”, the paradox of rejuvenation, and mustering the will to master your destiny.

3.3 It’s easy to ignore the soul

Building organizations that encourage personal growth and fulfillment, rewarding results and not hours, motivating volunteers, and learning from your children about what really matters.

Learn more about Tom and the Bridgespan Group.

2.0 Frances Hesselbein, former CEO of the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. and Founding President of the Leader to Leader Institute
2.1 To serve is to live

Stew Friedman talks with Frances Hesselbein, former CEO of the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. and Founding President of the Leader to Leader Institute about what it means to be truly mission-driven.

2.2 The Drucker/Hesselbein legacy

Frances Hesselbein discusses her interactions with Peter Drucker and how Drucker altered the course of Hesselbein’s career.

2.3 Grandmother and Mr. Yi

Frances Hesselbein discusses the importance of tolerance and how her outlook on the world was changed through her grandmother, a vase, and a Chinese man named Mr. Yi.

Learn more about Frances and the Leader to Leader Institute.

1.0 Anne Erni, Former Chief Diversity Officer, Lehman Brothers
1.1 Leading for success in all parts of life

Stew Friedman talks about creating sustainable change to support employees with Anne Erni, former managing director and chief diversity officer at Lehman Brothers.

1.2 Anne’s Bolognese adventure

Anne describes her sabbatical in Italy — how it benefitted her work, her family, her community, and her self.

1.3 New models for fruitful careers

Stew and Anne talk about what it takes to build a successful career in today’s intense, rapidly-evolving business world.

Learn more about Anne.