Performance Tools

In this section find tools you can use to get an overview of the basic Total Leadership program, take an inventory of your skills and how things are going for you as a leader in all parts of your life, and guide your practice of Total Leadership.

Find more performance tools and instructions on how to use them in the book, Total Leadership and watch this page for interactive versions of these tools, coming soon.

Total Leadership Fundamentals


Download and then complete these two short inventories to assess both (a) how things are going and (b) your skills as a leader in all domains of your life. After you complete these surveys, record notes on what you discover about your goals and the areas you want to focus on in your Total Leadership experience.

Be Real

These tools help you see the importance of each life domain — work, home, community, and self — and where you focus your attention, as well as your current state of alignment among the four domains.

Click on My Four Circles MyFourCirclesand follow the simple instructions there to identify: (a) how important each domain is to you, (b) whether the domains are aligned with each other with respect to the values and goals you pursue in them, (c) ideas for experiments that derive from your analysis, and (d) how others can help you move forward on these ideas for change.



Download the Four Way View chart and complete it by (a) recording a number from 0 to 100 in each cell of the first column such that the column total equals 100 to indicate how important each domain is to you (same as in the My Four Circles exercise), (b) indicating proportionally where you focus your attention in typical week, month, or season, (c) circling the number that best represents how satisfied you are with each domain and overall, and (d) indicating how well you are performing in each domain and overall.

Think about what these numbers mean to you and, again, brainstorm ideas for experiments you could try that would improve satisfaction and performance in all domains. Talk over your ideas with someone you trust.

Be Whole

Download and complete the Stakeholder Charts template to assess who the most important people are in all domains, what your performance expectations are for each other, and how these expectations influence each other.

The Stakeholder Dialogues Guide offers instructions for how to undertake crucial conversations with your key stakeholders.

Be Innovative

Download these files to read examples of game plans, scorecards and results of experiments.

Download the Total Leadership Experiment template and follow the simple instructions to design your own experiment.