ABC News Interview about White House Forum

Stew Friedman talks about the significance of the recent White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility and the impact of Total Leadership on creating sustainable change in how work fits with the rest of life.

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White House Video

Stew Friedman participates in breakout session at the White House Forum with Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis and representatives of business, labor, policy advocates and researchers. View minutes 43.40-47.15 and 79.30-80.42 for Friedman’s comments.

From Stew’s Blog – A New Era of Flexibility

The one thing President Obama got wrong in his remarks at the close of yesterday’s buzz-filled White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility was when he started by saying that he would not be as good as his wife, who’d spoken earlier to open the half-day meeting. Perhaps he was just being kind, or coy. From where I sat as a participant, I’d say that they were equally inspired and inspiring. Both spoke with the kind of clarity and grasp that comes from personal reflection on real struggle. Both know well, from experience, what it means to try to make it all fit somehow — work, home, community, and your private self. (More)