Praise for Leading the Life You Want

Melinda Gates
Co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

We often hear about work/life balance, but Stew Friedman takes it two steps further. He breaks life into four parts: work, home, community, and the private realm of mind, body, and spirit. Leading the Life You Want illustrates through compelling biographies the skills you need to act with authenticity, integrity, and creativity—helping you lead a life that truly blends meaning and happiness.

Tom Gardner
CEO, The Motley Fool

Leading the Life You Want delivers a much-needed surge of inspiration. He crafts detailed, motivating profiles of high performers who’ve learned how to be real, be whole, and be innovative. Anyone who has struggled to find harmony between work, family, community, and inner spirit will benefit from this book.      

Billie Jean King
Sports icon and social justice pioneer

Stew Friedman shows how to harness your passions to pursue four-way wins—in your work, home, community, and most importantly, for yourself.

Neil Blumenthal
Co-founder and Co-CEO, Warby Parker

Stew Friedman makes the idea of finding harmony between work and life not only possible, but practicable. Leading the Life You Want is a brainy yet conversational guide that offers inspired, effective solutions.

Herminia Ibarra
Professor, INSEAD; author, Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader

In this absolutely wonderful book, Stew Friedman tells us how to put an end to the zero-sum mentality that keeps us from leading the life we want. Read it, and you will be inspired to live and work like never before.  

David Allen
Author of the international bestseller, Getting Things Done

The speed of change and the 24/7 connected world we’re experiencing have made Stew Friedman’s book a particularly important read. Incessantly increasing options, opportunities, and obligations have made becoming conscious of what matters most to us something that should matter most to us. This is a great manifesto for getting it done. Bravo!

Julie Smolyansky
President and CEO, Lifeway Foods

Stew Friedman understands that pitting our passions and responsibilities against each other is a losing battle. Instead, as he powerfully illustrates in this great new book, he teaches a masterful strategy to integrate self, career, family, and community—an approach that has allowed me to grow as a CEO, mother, and community activist.

William C. Taylor
Co-founder and founding editor, Fast Company

 Great stuff! Teddy Roosevelt famously said, ‘The best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.’ In this engaging, instructive, and insatiably useful book, Stew Friedman shows all of us how to win big at work that matters, without losing ourselves in the process.

Laura E. Kohler
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Kohler Co.

I love this book! Friedman’s inspiring and refreshing Leading the Life You Want, through its personal and interesting stories, is a compelling case for why business leaders should embrace all aspects of life and how they can do so. This is exactly what talent in today’s market is looking for. 

Dick Couch
Captain, USNR (Retired), author, Always Faithful, Always Forward and Act of Revenge

By linking the personal and professional success of six very different and highly successful individuals, Stew Friedman has given us new insight into the mechanics of living a productive and satisfying life of service. Well done!

Lynda Gratton
Professor of Management Practice, London Business School

In this fascinating and timely book, Professor Friedman draws on insights from the inspiring stories of six people to provide a deep analysis of the skills needed to lead the life you want and what it takes to develop these skills. This is a must-read for anyone seeking to create that elusive goal of modern lives—the purposeful integration of work and life.

Anne-Marie Slaughter
President and CEO, New America Foundation

Stew Friedman stands out as one of the few male voices in the field. He understands better than anyone else how leadership, life, and business can fit together.