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Huffington Post – Ready To Life a Richer Life With Others?

“In Leading the Life You Want, Stewart Friedman masterfully weaves together six life narratives to show exactly how any of us can live a more richly integrated, meaningful and satisfying life with others.”

Financial TimesLeading The Life You Want.

“He is not offering a 10-step path to having it all. Friedman sets out tests and suggestions for developing skills for integrating work and the rest of life…the message…is worth exploring.”

Globe and Mail — Is Your Life Out of Control? Try These Exercises.

“Leading the Life You Want…offers 36 exercises to achieve that often-elusive goal.”

Fast Company — How To Be A More Authentic and Confident Leader.

“In his new book, Leading the Life You want: Skills for Integrating Work and Life, he explores the idea that truly winning people over starts with knowing what you care about, and then being able to express that in ways other people can relate to.”

Philly.comForget Work-Life Balance to Lead the Life You Want.

“Friedman provides valuable insights on how to live with passion, purpose and principle as you generate success.”

Legends of SpringsteenLeading the Life You Want by Stew Friedman.

Leading the Life You Want is an action-oriented book that encourages the reader to take notes, complete self-assessment tests and skip around from section to section in whatever order works best for the individual…The ‘pick and choose’ approach Friedman recommends benefits the reader…Whether or not you are a Springsteen fan, this is a useful book to read. The way it’s written makes it a good resource that you can turn to time and again for inspiration when you find yourself stuck. Whatever your profession may be, you’d be well suited to keep a copy of “Leading the Life You Want” on your office desk or your bedside table.”

Publishers Weekly — Leading the Life You Want

“With a personable writing style…Friedman’s accessible book is a significant entry in the work/life-balance category.”

Inc. — Why Great Leaders Are Made, Not Born.

“In his newest book, Leading the Life You Want, Friedman explores the skills you need to be a leader, how to develop them, and how to devote your life to your work without losing everything that’s important to you.”

Investors Business Daily — Many Want Work-Life Balance But Should Aim For Blend.

Living a life of passion and dedication gives you more energy for all of your obligations, says Stewart Friedman”

Forbes — Are You ‘Leading The Life You Want’?

“In Leading the Life You Want, [Friedman] profiles top leaders—from Sheryl Sandberg to Michelle Obama, and Bruce Springsteen to former Bain & Co. CEO Tom Tierney—and tells their stories, explaining how their choices enable them to thrive in multiple realms of their lives.” — Leading The Life You Want.

Friedman’s book is a good starting point for dealing with the dilemmas of the modern workplace and beyond…Leading the Life You Want does a great job in outlining similarities despite the wide-ranging career paths…Friedman gives you tools to help you craft your own approach.”

HR MagazineMen Need Work/Life Balance, Too.

“Stew Friedman says the conversation around work/life balance has definitely evolved; it is no longer thought of solely as a women’s issue.”

Yahoo! Small Business AdvisorWhy You Shouldn’t Try To Balance Work and Life.

“Still trying to figure out how to balance your work life with your home life? Stewart Friedman urges you to discard that binary approach.”

EntrepreneurHow to Be Productive and Still Have a Fun Weekend.

Stew Friedman identifies four key spheres of life: family, work, friends and community and health (mental and spiritual). He advises professionals to look for a “four-way win,” which is the quest for activities that help fulfill us on multiple levels (even if we can’t reach all four simultaneously).”

Forbes — Work-Life Integration: The New Way to Balance Your Career and Home Life.

Friedman developed a simple exercise he calls the “Four Circles” designed to help identify what matters most to you—whether it’s more time for yourself or the ability to give more to your community—so you can then act more in accordance with your key values.

The result: You’ll finally feel great—not guilty—about the way you spend each day.”

Working Mother — How to Lead the Life You Want.

“Leading the Life You Want, the new book by Wharton Business School professor and celebrated proponent of work life integration Dr. Stewart D. Friedman, is part how-to, part homage to six seemingly disparate people in the public eye who exemplify the balance between work and broader life—and how they’ve become that way.”

Forbes — Why Work/Life Balance is Folly.

“Friedman has found that there are ways everyone can achieve professional success without sacrificing the things that matter in our personal lives…The paradox of the book’s title, Leading the Life You Want, is that people who are really gifted at leading the lives they want take what they care about most and their skills, passions and interests and bring that to bear on making life better for other people.”

Business Insider — Wharton Professor Describes ‘The Worst Thing You Can Do’ In Your Career.

“He’s aiming a bit higher than the standard business school fare; Stew helps students — and the rest of us — better manage the interaction of four domains: work, home, community, and the private self.”

The Business Journals — Forget Work-Life Balance: Take A Cue From Sheryl Sandberg and Bruce Springsteen.

“Stewart Friedman… says the whole work-life balance goal is faulty anyway. He cites Sandberg and Springsteen as great examples of people who have integrated their careers and lives in a way that complements both.”

Inc. — 4 Surprising Secrets To Work Life Balance.

“Focusing on others, not on yourself, is the key to success…Change is easier than you think…We have a lot more control than we think we have.”

800CEORead — Business Books Selection.

“In 2008, I chose Stewart Friedman’s Total Leadership as the top book in the Personal Development category of our annual business book awards… Friedman [now] builds on his previous work by presenting the stories of six well-known personalities who exemplify the well-integrated life… Then, in the second half of the book, which acts as a workbook complete with exercises, uses their successes and struggles, as points of reference as he teaches us how to develop the necessary skills.”

Forbes — 13 Recommended Readings For Creative Leaders This Fall.

“Wharton professor Friedman, building on his excellent study, Total Leadership, uses examples ranging from Sheryl Sandberg to Bruce Springsteen to move from familiar calls to balance competing work and life commitments toward taking steps, instead, to integrate our passions and values across the domains of work, home, community, and the private self.”

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