Praise from Thought Leaders Around the World

Robert Reich,
Professor, University of California at Berkeley, former U.S. Secretary of Labor, and author, Supercapitalism

In the future, being a leader will require new ways to integrate work with the rest of one’s life, resulting in more effective leadership and a more fulfilling life. Total Leadership points the way.

David A. Thomas,
Dean, Georgetown University McDonough School of Business, and author, Breaking Through: The Making of Minority Professionals in Corporate America

Destined to be a classic, this is a remarkable book. I have studied leadership and led organizations for over twenty years. No other book has reshaped my thinking about leadership development as much as Total Leadership.

Anne Erni,
Head of Leadership, Learning and Diversity, Bloomberg

With a refreshingly simple approach to winning the daily struggle between family bliss and career satisfaction, Stew Friedman outlines clear and innovative solutions for better managing the competing demands of our lives. Engaging and inspiring.

Timothy Ferriss,
Author, The 4-Hour Workweek, #1 New York Times bestseller

In a world of work-life trade-offs, Stew Friedman offers what most think impossible: a field-tested program that gives you not only what you want in business, but also what you want in life. Brilliant!

Ellen Galinsky,
President, Families and Work Institute

It is difficult to translate the dynamic process of learning into the pages of a book, but Stew Friedman has done it! When we become more intentional leaders, it benefits every facet of our lives: our work, our families, our community connections, and, at the deepest level, ourselves.

Dr. Robert W. Carr,
Vice President and Corporate Medical Director, GlaxoSmithKline

Total Leadership is so aligned with my thinking as an HR executive and medical director of a global business. With practical tools and compelling stories, Friedman demonstrates how to achieve “four-way wins” a distinctive, important new concept for today’s leaders.

Tom Tierney,
Chairman and Cofounder, The Bridgespan Group, and former CEO, Bain & Company, author, Give Smart

Total Leadership will help you build a life, not just a résumé. Stew Friedman has written the owner’s manual for all types of leaders, young and old, who aspire to both professional success and personal fulfillment.

Janet Hanson,
Founder, 85 Broads

Stew Friedman absolutely gets it. He is both a visionary and a much-needed advocate for a new kind of leadership in the twenty-first century. What an empowering book!

Dave Lissy,
CEO, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

As the pace of business continues to race forward at lightning speed, Stew Friedman offers us an innovative and sustainable model for successful leadership. Total Leadership provides a unique proposition for individuals who strive to be their very best both personally and professionally.

Keith Ferrazzi,
CEO, Ferrazzi Greenlight, and author, Never Eat Alone

The best leaders are those who stay connected—to their communities, to the people they love, to themselves. In Stew Friedman’s Total Leadership, you’ll learn simple, powerful new ways to make these connections happen and enjoy the rich rewards that inevitably follow.

Frances Hesselbein,
Founding President and Chairman, Leader to Leader Institute, and former CEO, Girls Scouts of the USA

Stew Friedman brings a new definition of leadership to every sector, with “four-way wins” that will inspire leaders at every level. A rare and moving guidebook for your journey to leadership.

Raymond V. Gilmartin,
Professor, Harvard Business School, and former CEO, Merck & Co., Inc.

Stew Friedman defines leadership in an exciting new way that can lead not only to greater success at work but also to greater success at home, in the community, and for your self with each mutually reinforcing the other.

Denise M. Rousseau,
Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, and author, I-deals: Idiosyncratic Deals Employees Bargain for Themselves

Total Leadership is a rich and satisfying call to action. Tapping into his innovative work in executive education and work/family research, Friedman teaches us how to create productive work settings that also enable satisfying personal and family lives.

Shlomo Ben-Hur,
Professor, IMD

Across nations and industries, leaders struggle to juggle the multiple aspects of their lives and meet the demands of an ever-growing list of stakeholders. Friedman calls an end to this zero-sum game. Time and time again, I have seen his method generate a great return for individuals and their organizations.

Mitch Wienick,
Partner, Kelleher Associates, Inc. and former President/CEO, CDI Corporation

Stew Friedman accomplishes something quite rare in Total Leadership. Through a combination of gripping narratives and lucid descriptions of his framework, he points the way to enduring satisfaction for executives and others by uniquely connecting the richest aspects of their lives.