Be Whole

Acting with integrity satisfies the craving for a sense of connection, for coherence in the disparate parts of life, and for the peace of mind that comes from adhering to a consistent code. Effective leaders take responsibility for recognizing and respecting the value of all aspects of life. They align the interests of different people in gaining support for common goals. They maintain the boundaries that enable value to be created at work as well as in other aspects of life. They nurture social networks and partnerships that provide the support needed for achieving meaningful results.

In this second part, then, you explore who really matters to you. First, you identify the most important people in your life and what you expect of them as well as what they expect of you. You think through how these performance expectations affect each other, looking perhaps for the first time at these central relationships in your life as an interdependent system, and asking whether this system has integrity; whether and how the pieces fit together as a whole. Then you think about how you use different forms of communication to connect with these “key stakeholders,” as I call them, and then you’ll prepare for and conduct dialogues with each, to verify your assumptions and to see what things look like through their eyes. This is often the most challenging part of the Total Leadership program, and the most rewarding, as you gain new insight about what really matters to your most important people.

Skills for Being Whole

  • build networks of trust by caring about and contributing to others
  • communicate to clarify and negotiate expectations
  • ethically influence others to generate support in all domains
  • transfer assets and skills across domains
  • manage boundaries and smooth transitions between domains

Performance Tools

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