Be Real

Acting with authenticity gives you the strength that comes from doing what you love, drawing on the resources of your whole life, knowing that you’re creating value for your self, your family, your business, your world.

Effective leaders articulate a vision —a compelling image of an achievable future —that inspires them and the people around them. Their everyday actions fit not only with their personal values but also with the values of the groups of which they are a part. Through continual observation and reflection they know their priorities, their strengths and weaknesses. They increase commitment to common goals by genuinely talking and listening to the people they care most about. And they hold themselves and others accountable for pursuing valued goals.

In this first part of the Total Leadership experience, you explore what it means for you to be real, to clarify what’s important. You start by writing about how crucial events in your past have shaped your values and about your aspirations for your life in the future. Then you take what I call the four-way view by assessing the relative importance of work, home, community and self; how much you actually focus time and attention to each of these parts of your life; how satisfied you are with them; and how well the goals you pursue in them are aligned with each other. This is the foundation for authenticity and for everything that follows: knowing what really matters to you.

Skills for Being Real

  • align actions with what’s important by focusing on what matters most
  • cultivate awareness of leadership priorities in all domains
  • genuinely convey a true leadership story — past, present, and future
  • passionately articulate a clear leadership vision
  • pursue accountability for meeting valued goals with metrics

Performance Tools

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