Be Innovative

Acting with creativity allows you to adapt to fit new circumstances, gives you confidence to try new ways of doing things, and keeps you vital. Effective leaders continually re-think the means by which goals are achieved; they keep a results-driven focus while providing maximum flexibility (choice in how, when, and where things get done). They have the courage to experiment with new arrangements and communications tools to better meet the expectations of people who depend on them. They don’t rely on face time for getting things done, but use it wisely while taking advantage of the flexibility and control afforded by new media.

With a new, clearer perspective on what and who matters most, you’ve set the stage for what is the usually most enjoyable part of the process; being innovative, in which you design and implement smart experiments — based on all that you’ve learned in the process so far — to produce better results in all parts of your life.

There are nine types of Total Leadership experiments. In taking well-considered action to create meaningful, sustainable change, you discover invaluable lessons about how, as a leader, to bring others along with you in the direction you’ve chosen by serving their interests as well as your own — by making them win while you win.

Skills for Being Innovative

  • question assumptions about current methods, esp. those requiring tradeoffs
  • encourage flexibility in means while focusing on results
  • courageously embrace change
  • foster a learning environment through smart trial-and-error
  • seek cross-domain synergies in resolving conflict

Performance Tools

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